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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Tips and hints General in bet microgaming casinos
Arrange for your money. Do not put all your money on one bet. You can not guarantee the results of bets. If you think this bet is a good bet money then enter a larger than normal amount but still remember the position where you still can control the amount of your bet. Do not ever place a bet> 10% the amount of money your account on one bet only. Many experts put only 2-3% of their account for one game
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Always bet within your capabilities. As good as any you estimate the bets, there is the possibility of incorrect estimates. For example, in football betting when you have chosen a team to win and the referee has issued 2 players from the team, you become useless estimates. For this reason, how pastipun a bet, you should never place a bet with the amount of money that you can not bear.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Deep Days in the Dead City

Deep days in the dead city, in its jungle like streets, ?Our days are numbered,? I?ve heard that somewhere along life?s line; in songs, perhaps in the Bible, here, there, but I?m still here. Everyone wants to play in this game called life, I just want to get away, out of the city, its parks and dogs, its streets, and family members that are more strangers to me than strangers I?ve just met; I think a city over 50,000-you lose something (if not your heart, your head). The Devils around more of the time I believe, in such bigger cities; I know He?s here in my hometown, St. Paul, Minnesota; He?s at the movies a lot also, I?d say. I?m not missed here much, and I live here, no reason to stay, love is in some other place. But He likes it like this, more games to play.

I had to cross many rivers, many streets, or so I feel to get to so many people that are too busy to give a damn, or a once of time, whom are more stuck in their own cocoons than I. What is my solution? Go to the mountains?leave them all behind, leave them before you lose your mind, there is no love no affection, pretense is like a vine, it wraps around their busy, busy, busy minds. Here my eyes never go dry; I?m like a ship sinking, everyone grabbing the rafts from me?let him sink, they sing, we got money to make, do other thing.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, hope never to see you again, everyone. Don?t need me anymore anyway, time, struggles, the big city, the jungle streets: you never gave an once of peace, or sleep, and everyone thinks he or she is the great somebody, the man, the king of the house, the whore who never scored, the bitch who got rich, and lost her soul for a dead fish. Raise the kids to spit farther, too late to teach them right from wrong, respect or regret, the city will tell you how to act and raise them, or perhaps it did: it?s your children, the city?s got your best interests: and the kids turn out to be worthless. The walking dead, better you talk to stranger, less dread, or go to the mountains instead.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Can't Write Jokes but You Can Become a Standup Comic

This is Taylor Jones, the hack writer.

I??m a prolific writer of much needed articles.

I wrote from scratch most of the over 150 articles I??ve posted on during the last two months.

Okay, so some were not much needed, but over 15,000 folks have visited the articles along with over 100 ezine publishers.

It??s true. I can write on any subject.

What I can??t do is write jokes.

I??ve tried to learn the craft.

I can??t.

However, I did find a website that might get you started in writing jokes and could even get you paid in applause, or even money, by doing standup comedy. The site is

Good Luck!

I??m sure you will become famous.

If you do, maybe you can drop me off a ticket to one of your shows when you make the big-time and perform in Southern Idaho.

We live in the Banana Belt of Idaho. Kids and adults here leave there coats at home if the temperature gets over 25 degrees.

The other night we took our Idaho grandkids to dinner. The four-year-old had a sweater but no coat.

I said, ??Bob, where is your coat???

She said, ??Home.??

I think the temperature was about 7 degrees.

Bob is a Girl. Her given name is not Bob. About a year ago she said, ??My name is Bob!??

Now nobody dares call her anything else.

Kids say the funniest things as Art Linkletter use to say.

My aunt was on his show. She was the oldest mother in the United States with the youngest baby.

That would be my cousin, Billy.

Where in the heck are you, Billy?

When my daughter-in-law had triplets up in Washington State, our four-year-old granddaughter said, ??I??ve got a new sister and she has two brothers.??

We went to a recital after dinner. I was afraid that everybody was going to freeze to death (especially Bob).

It was so cold that the red banner around the Sizzler??? sign turned blue.

I??ve often wondered why the lettering saying ??Sizzler????? is not colored RED rather than a cold color like blue or green, whichever it is.

Well, how hot was your steak by the time the girl brought it to you?

Do they call thatTruth in Advertising?

I??ve only bought one steak at Sizzler???.

I ordered ??medium rare?? and they brought me ??medium horsehide.??

If it wasn??t cold when I got it, it sure was when I nailed it to my boot.

I like to go to Sizzler???. I??ve learned to order the salmon.

The salmon is served with rice pilaf and that yummy Texas toast.

You can get the soup, salad, and dessert bar for an extra buck.

I think I told you that my aortic valve is from a pig.

I??m grateful for that pig. I have a little stuffed pig on top of my monitor. He is pink. He wares a biker??s jacket that says ??Harley Davidson.?? If I have chest pains again, he will hop on his bike and get the hell out of here.

Do you have those little Windows??? pop-ups while you are typing?

Mine just said,Your virus protection has been updated.

The computer techs can hardly keep up with the new viruses.

Sometimes one will pop up and say The Kiddlelooper Virus is an insidious worm that enters your computer and erases your hard drive if you turn your computer off after reading your email and then turn it back on again.

The last time I turned off my computer was 1963.

Well, I have to go now.

The wind just blew my horse over.

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's All BS I Tell You

Now I don??t mean to insult any great writers and entrepreneurs out there, but the simple truth most books adsense are all full of nothing but what google says.

I realized this after days of searching for the renowned cheats or tricks and all that. I??ll admit everything I??ve written about adsense comes or is a changed version of what google already told me.

I searched and searched but couldn??t find anything that useful. Now after weeks of reading just about every book out there about adsense I got fed up with all that b.s. Then that??s when I actually visited the google adsense help page. And boy was I surprised! I mean there was everything I??ve always wanted to know about adsense all the formats examples the different positions that work for most webmasters?? I couldn??t believe it all this time I??ve been searching all around and the truth was in my eyes the whole time. Everything I??ve read in those books all summarized and categorized. After just a day I had read through most of the FAQ and had just about increased my income?? well to 100%. I admit I had nothing but 2 clicks in my adsense account. I??ve always wanted to get more, hence hearing all about the great google adsense. But like any tool you have to know how it works.

After a while I decided to help out any webmasters out there who may be like me. Searching and wasting time trying to find the ??secrets??.

Well I am sorry to say you??ve wasted time and nothing but. There are really three things you can do to better learn how to use adsense:

1. Check out their help page ( this is the most important and first thing to do.

2. Second remember no matter what the world is full of individuals and unique people. So if the suggested method doesn??t seem to work try something else.

3. And of course know this adsense is to a lot of webmasters a boss you know the one who pays the bills. But to another few (including me) consider it a hobby. We are the true webmasters because when we find something new we study it embrace it and essentially love it. Because anything that makes web mastering easier like automatically sensing your site and choosing appropriate ads??Anyways everyone seems to have tried to use adsense as a kind of a job. Changing your whole site because of it and all that. Well if you do remember NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is more important than your sweet dedicated visitors. Make them happy and interested and you are done, anything else you get out of it is just a bonus.

Well that??s it I hope this has helped many of you who wanted a general view of adsense.

I am the proud owner of And I write about google adsense in my spare time. And consider it a hobby.

By : Didier Ntwali
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